2019 Coast Capital Savings Charity Golf Tournament

At Coast Capital Savings, we are committed to helping build a richer future for youth in our communities, and a key way we do this is to focus on building healthy minds for young people. Because we know that with healthy minds, anything is possible.


For the approximately 1 in 7 young people in BC who experience mental illness, this is a cause that needs to be brought out of the shadow of stigma and further into the popular conversation.  Mental disorders affect all aspects of life—at home, at school, with peers and in the community—and it’s no different for young people. Mental illnesses are surprisingly common in young people; 50 - 70% show up before the age of 18, and can have an enormous impact on development.


The Coast Capital Annual Charity Golf Tournament is changing the script. The proceeds raised today support depression research through VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation with an aim to improving our understanding and awareness of depression and mental illness.


With your participation this year, we will raise even more money to fund research for the diagnosis and treatment of depression. Every donation is a big step toward healthy minds and providing a richer future for youth in our communities.


Join us to help provide improved care and better treatment options for those suffering with depression.

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